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Having graduated from an international hotel management school, Frederic Duverger worked as Director of Food and Beverage for 12 years, in France and overseas in both high end hotels and Michelin starred restaurants (New York, Montreal, Paris, Monaco ,Cannes).

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An Introduction to Wine Tasting : It’s Divine

Learning to taste for yourself but also to share this tasting with others.

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Biodynamic Wines

It’s Biodynamic, yes of course.
But what makes a wine Biodynamic : The wine, the grapes, the wine-maker?  Or just a recyclable paper label, a fashion or a way of thinking ?

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A Sensory Experience : In every sense !

A unique tasting to awaken all your senses !  This is the art of blind tasting, not knowing if you are tasting white, red or rose.

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The grands crus wines with emotion

For true wine lovers who want a premium experience.  A journey through the great wines of Bordeux, Alsace and Bourgogne.

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Wine and Cheese or Wine and Seafood

My grandfather said ‘I’d rather have a good glass of red wine with my cheese’.  Indeed, but which red when the choice is so wide?.  And why not consider white ?  Often even better !

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Wine Tasting news

You mustn’t ignore the Loire

Nobody would disregard the part of the world responsible for Sancerrre, and also Menetou-Salaon. And right there is Bertrand Minchin, known by some as the magician or the King of ... Read more

It’s corked !!

Who hasn’t heard ‘my wine is corked ! ‘ But where does the fault lie ? The bottling, the wine maker, or the tree from which the cork is made (although less now ... Read more

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